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Nexus helps Caverion automate the ID06 processes

Caverion Sweden has opted for identity and security company Nexus Group as their supplier for ID06, the Swedish construction industry’s mandatory ID cards. “The cards need to be replaced with a new variant this spring and then they need to be renewed regularly. It’s a requirement for us that this is handled with a secure and automatic process,” says Niklas Helin, security manager at Caverion Sweden.

ID06 was launched by the Swedish Construction Federation in 2006 to promote fair competition and secure jobs in the Swedish construction industry. In 2018, a new card standard called ID06 2.0 was launched, which means even better security and more features.

“We decided to continue to use the ID06 cards as corporate ID cards for our 3,000 employees in Sweden. The new card standard means that the cards will work for attendance registration in electronic staff ledgers at construction sites, for visual identification, as access cards, and for follow-me printing and some other functions – all handled by the same process,” says Helin.

An ID06 partner with innovative technology

For Caverion Sweden, it’s self-evident that using cutting-edge solutions and creating the best digital processes is the way to go, according to Helin.

“Thus, we of course opted for a partner who is investing in the automation of the ID06 processes. We want the processes to be integrated, the replacement of our employees’ ID06 cards to be automated, and the authorization systems to be updated automatically,” he says.

Necessary with an integrated solution

Unlike most other ID06 vendors, Nexus has the advanced technology and expertise needed to create a secure and automatic ID06 process.

“Ensuring that all our employees get their new ID06 cards in time and that the cards can be handled in our internal systems requires an integrated solution. Nexus’s solutions for ID06 have several integration points, which offers flexibility and the opportunity to automate,” says Helin.

Broadening the scope of ID06 cards

Nexus has also adapted its Smart ID platform – which enables secure digitalization – so that the ID06 cards can be used for login to digital services and electronic signing, says Gustaf Broman, head of digital services at Nexus.

“This makes it possible to use ID06 cards in exactly the same way as other trusted electronic identities, which means that organizations using both the Smart ID platform and ID06 cards can save a lot of time and money. We are the first supplier making it possible to use ID06 cards in this way, and we see a big demand in the market for our solution,” says Broman.

Published 28/2 2019

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