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“There is a time-tested security method that can reliably disarm the IoT threat”

5/10 2017

IoT (internet of things) security has now literally become a matter of life and death. “We have seen an avalanche of potentially deadly vulnerabilities in connected devices, and I don’t even want to imagine what could happen if this trajectory continues – but there is a time-tested security method that now has been modified so that it can also reliably disarm the IoT threat,” says Tejas Lagad

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Nexus and Zwipe in partnership around biometric access cards

31/8 2017

dentity and security company Nexus Group and biometric technology company Zwipe have signed a distribution agreement and launched the sale of Zwipe’s biometric access cards via the online portal Nexus GO Cards as a Service. “We already offer a very wide range of card technologies, and we are excited to announce that you can now also get access cards with integrated fingerprint sensors,” says Nexus’s Jon Land.

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