Bavaria chooses Nexus to modernize its state PKI

In the Free State of Bavaria, one of the largest states in Germany, Nexus PKI has served as a solid security foundation for strong authentication since 2006. Today, thousands of public administration employees use PKI-based services, such as the eID service for identity and credential management. 

To ensure forward compatibility with the technological developments, there was a need for LDBV (The Bavarian Agency for Digitization, High-Speed Internet and Surveying) to update the service. 

"We are proud to announce that LDBV, through a tender process, has selected to extend the contract with us through our dedicated partner Atos. The project allows us to continue delivering a trusted and scalable PKI platform for Bavarian public administration employees," says Olivier Dussutour, CEO of Nexus. 

The Free State of Bavaria will use the PKI platform to issue and manage hundreds of thousands of certificates in the years to come, ensuring compliance with regulations as well as improving usability and governance. 

The contract has been signed through Nexus partner Atos, which has solid knowledge and experience working with LDBV. "Atos has been a dedicated and reliable certified integration partner to Nexus for several years and we are delighted to see this project being implemented through Eviden, which is part of Atos business," says Evangelos Popis, Director of Partner Management.  

With its strong expertise in cybersecurity, Eviden delivers comprehensive end-to-end customer support throughout the entire lifecycle. This includes consulting, documentation, integrations, installations, license management, as well as support and maintenance services. 

Are you looking for a PKI platform to enable trust with certificate-based digital identities for citizens, employees, applications, things, or smart devices for your organization or public authority? Reach out to one of our PKI experts or learn more about the power of PKI and the Nexus PKI platform here.




About LDBV

The Bavarian Agency for Digitization, High-Speed Internet and Surveying (LDBV) is a government agency in the German state of Bavaria. It is responsible for coordinating and implementing digitization and surveying projects across the state, as well as expanding high-speed internet access in rural areas. LDBV also provides comprehensive geodata services and supports various administrative bodies with their digital transformation initiatives. Through its efforts, LDBV aims to ensure that Bavaria remains a competitive and innovative region in the digital age.

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