BankID can now be integrated with the Nexus login platform in 1 hour

Identity and security company Nexus Group’s login platform supports a wide range of two-factor authentication (2FA) methods. “We’ve now also made it possible to integrate authentication with the Swedish nation-wide electronic identity BankID in just 1 hour – without arranging a contract with the bank or any other hassle,” says Johan Nylén, solutions architect at Nexus.

The Nexus login platform enables secure and flexible user login to an organization’s digital resources. It has supported login with BankID for a long time – but it has required quite a lot of integration work and an agreement with a BankID-selling bank.

Cloud service for user login with BankID

“Now you can link our login platform with our cloud service Nexus GO Authentication with BankID. All you have to do is to start a subscription to the cloud service and follow the easy and well-documented steps to integrate with our login platform,” says Nylén.

Nexus GO Authentication with BankID can also be used as a stand-alone solution to enable secure and smooth login to a single web portal.

“The difference between our BankID cloud service and our login platform is that the login platform enables secure login to a variety of digital resources, with several different 2FA methods. You can use our login platform for all your users, no matter if they are employees, students, citizens, customers or partners,” says Nylén.

For example, employees can log in to Office 365 and other internal resources with the Nexus authentication app or PKI cards, while external users can log in to different web portals with BankID or other external electronic IDs.

Log in once to reach everything

“The Nexus login platform also supports single sign-on (SSO). This means that your users only have to log in once to reach all the digital resources you’ve given them access to,” says Nylén.

Nexus GO Authentication with BankID costs SEK 1,999 per month and SEK 0.29 per authentication. Nexus takes care of all contacts, agreements and fees vis-à-vis the BankID-selling bank.

“There’s no binding time, and you can test the service free of charge before starting a paid subscription. We have done everything to make the service extremely easy to use.”

Nylén believes that all Swedish Nexus customers will find it interesting that it now is easier to use BankID as part of their current login solution.

A single provider for all logins

“BankID is by far the most widely used electronic identity in Sweden, and to offer your external users to log in with BankID has almost become a prerequisite. We’ve now made it so easy and cheap that you don’t have to worry about whether to take the step or not.”

The news is also interesting for all the Nexus customers who already support login with BankID, according to Nylén.

“They have a lot to gain from tearing out the old BankID solution and connecting their login platform to Nexus GO Authentication with BankID instead. Most have been helped with their BankID integration by another supplier, and the advantage of switching to the Nexus cloud service is that there’d only be one supplier behind their entire login solution. And it costs them almost nothing to change solutions, since our cloud service is so incredibly easy to integrate.”

But Nylén expects that the Swedish Nexus partners are the ones who will be most pleased with the news, since they often get help from their competitors to integrate BankID with the Nexus login platform.

More similar cloud services to come

“Our partners can now resell Nexus GO Authentication with BankID as part of the login solution instead of involving their competitors. And they don’t even need to contact us to connect to the cloud service – they can take care of everything themselves in our self-service portal Nexus GO. The partners I’ve spoken to about this have all reacted positively.”

The Nexus login platform, Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway, is both available as a standalone solution and as part of the Nexus Smart ID solution.

“Right now, we only offer authentication with Swedish BankID as a cloud service, but we plan to offer authentication with several other nation-wide electronic identities in the same way. And we have just begun offering PDF signing as a cloud service as well,” says Nylén.