AWT offers smooth and secure Workforce Identity Management as a service

Access World Technic (AWT)  is a high-quality security company that focuses on providing centralized premium security solutions using access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection to secure, protect, and monitor facilities such as offices, data centers, warehouses, and other large production sites.

AWT delivers integrated workforce ID card administration and global card personalization services in their solutions through a partnership with Nexus. This secures and simplifies the entire process of ordering, approving, personalizing, and handling ID cards for their end customers.

"Having Nexus GO Cards service integrated into our offering brings our customers great benefits. Smooth, global, and secure access card management is an important part of what organizations request from us as we deliver projects and services," says Per Lindstrand, Chief Executive Officer at AWT.

Each end customer gets a dedicated service that includes the administration of their fully customized visual layouts and secure encoding for their specific PACS (Physical Access System), so that the cards are ready to use directly at delivery. The service minimizes administration for both AWT and its end customers.

"The possibility for our end customers to decide where in the world the cards should be personalized for each individual situation, locally directly in a printer one by one or centrally in batches and shipped, is a feature that is highly appreciated," continues Per Lindstrand.

We cannot mention our common end customers by name, but they are a mix of organizations when it comes to industry, size, and geographical spread, and they include internationally well-known brands. 

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About AWT

Access World Technic (AWT), founded in 1993, is a high-quality security company that focuses on centralized premium security solutions, using access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection to secure, protect and monitor facilities such as offices, data centers, warehouses and other large production sites.

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