Atea selects “Cards as a Service” from Nexus

Atea, the IT infrastructure specialist, has recently centralized its responsibility for all offices and introduced a new access card for all employees via the Nexus online portal. “The introduction of GDPR has been the trigger and accelerator for us to automate the process of employee access. We have decided that all offices with more than 50 employees will use Nexus´s cards or other identity tokens for access”, says Pernilla Möller, Facility Manager at Atea.

Atea previously ordered identity carriers for access from different suppliers. Some offices have ordered access cards, while others have bought key fobs or so-called tags. At the very small offices, a couple have used physical keys to enter the workplace. “As a first step, we will centralize physical security with clearer policies and guidelines. In the next step, we will take a complete inventory of our 30 offices with over 2,000 employees to get an overview of how physical security should operate at the various offices”, says Pernilla Möller.

Coordination of physical security a requirement

Coordinating physical security with clear guidelines is a must for Atea. Customers have also requested that Atea’s consultants be able to identify themselves when they are out working with them. “Therefore, we have chosen uniform cards with photo, name, logo, validity and UV-print, for extra security. We have chosen a so-called combo card with both MIFARE® and EM technology, which means we can hand out a card to the employees that can be used in the entry systems for all offices, “says Pernilla Möller.

Collect and manage card orders

Atea is one of many customers who chose to purchase a Smart ID card from Nexus. Other customers include municipalities that use the cards for multiple purposes, such as to identify the user, print, pay and sign. “The companies or organizations that focus on security and want physical and digital access cards choose to buy Nexus cards. We are both proud and pleased that Sweden’s largest IT company selected Nexus as a supplier, “says Per-Erik Nilsson, Sales Manager for Northern Sweden at Identity and Security Company Nexus Group.

Atea is both a customer and a partner

Atea has chosen Nexus as a provider of their own cards, but is also partnering up with Nexus in tenders from end customers who also want a service card for secure access, computer logins, secure printing (follow-me print), payments and signing services. “Nexus is the best at delivering all the requirements, centrally and locally – They implemented their Smart ID solution to all offices and employees quickly and smoothly. They are also very service-oriented and flexible. Best of all, we can have a single supplier for all types of cards that meet our needs and Nexus is a company we can cooperate with long-term”, says Pernilla Möller.


"The introduction of GDPR has been the trigger and accelerator for us to automate the process of employee access. We have decided that all offices with more than 50 employees will use Nexus´s cards or other identity tokens for access."


Atea is the market leader in IT infrastructure and system integration for the private and public sector in the Nordic and Baltic countries. As IT infrastructure specialists, we are thinking of forming an even better Sweden. Together with our customers, we will develop solutions that the next generation can feel proud of.

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