5 ways to get hacked

How safe are you on the web? We list the top five steps to becoming a victim of a hacker attack.

Create a password with fewer than 8 characters

Passwords with fewer than 8 characters can usually be hacked in less than 40 seconds. Long passwords are, in other words, more secure, but  should always be combined with authentication via, for example, a smart card (so-called two-factor authentication) in order to avoid security risks.

Use different keys for your log ins

Have you ever lost your wallet or set of keys? Then you know that the more keys and cards you have, the more keys that must be changed and the more cards that need to be blocked. By collecting all access on one card or tag, you have fewer keys to deal with, while at the same time, you can easily block access should the card be lost.

Click on unknown links

Ransomware is a type of sabotage program that installs itself on your computer without your permission, when you, for example, click on an unknown link. Often you are not aware that the program has taken over your computer until your programs have become encrypted and rendered inaccessible and only can be released by paying a ransom.

Think “this will never happen to us”

Being proactive is the alpha and omega when it comes to security. By taking preventive measures, one can prevent in principle all types of hacker attacks or encroachments. Many businesses blacklist sites that are considered dangerous, but the absolutely safest way is to instead whitelist the pages that are secure. Whitelisting is especially practical for computers that are shared by many different persons but which are only intended for certain purposes.

Update your homepage every three years

A homepage that has not been updated is like an unlocked door for digital thieves. By ignoring operational maintenance, forgetting to update plug ins and instead putting all efforts into heavy-duty clean-ups every third year (rather than regular check-ups), you are making yourself the perfect target for everyone who wants to steal your secrets.